Deep Green Resistance Caucuses

Women’s Caucus

We are the women in Deep Green Resistance. As women, we all have had different experiences and have different perspectives. We also have common issues and common goals we can agree on that are central to dismantling civilization. Patriarchy is part of the backbone of civilization and the structure of women's oppression. We in the women’s caucus assert that there is no place for machismo in Deep Green Resistance. If we truly desire to do away with patriarchy, men can no longer partake in displays of masculinity that feed and sustain male supremacy.

As the women of DGR we will work to help our male allies to undo the behaviors of masculinity that are made invisible to them by male privilege. We have come together to voice our concerns and expectations. We expect to be asked for our voice on policies within DGR, especially as they pertain to women’s space and DGR’s stance on feminism.

People of Color’s Caucus

The POC (People of Color) Caucus was created to amplify the voices of POC in the fight against the interlocking systems of white supremacy, patriarchy and industrial civilization. We expect white members of DGR to work towards dismantling racism and white privilege both within themselves and the larger community The POC is committed to building alliances within and between oppressed communities. We aim to encourage and foster resistance against white supremacy and are committed to genuine liberation for people of color.

People Who Are Disabled Caucus

This caucus provides a space for people who are disabled by the structures and processes of civilization.

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”We need people from all walks of life doing all kinds of things to support this movement and perpetuate the mentality and actions of resistance.”
-Sam Leah

"I don't think it is violence to defend that which you love."
-Saba Malik

”Our allegiance lies with the real world, with real human beings and real forests, and we will fight to protect them.”
-Max Wilbert

“DGR understands that resistance is not a monoculture and that everyone and every kind of action is needed.“
-Sam Leah

"DGR is our last, best hope."
-Dillon Thomson

“The most pressing problem facing the world is the iron heel of civilization on the neck of human and non-human communities.”
-Max Wilbert

“Every kind of resource extraction is an act of domination and control and is a statement that says the way of life we have created for ourselves—the shiny, fast moving, plastic way of life—is more important than life itself.“
-Sam Leah

”If you are terrorized or mesmerized, you are not alive. Rejoin the living, join the resistance.”
-Jennifer Murnan

“I love the land where I live, where thick mists drift between trees and rocks and rain drips from moss and flows down mountainsides.”
-Max Wilbert

“I love recognizing the ways in which wildness, no matter how thoroughly civilized a place may be, is constantly working and toiling. I love thinking about civilization falling away as that wild force eats through it.”
-Dillon Thomson

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