Conference 2024

It’s DGR’s annual conference!

August 23-26, 2024 in the serene California redwoods.

Three days of food, friendship, and above all Resistance!


  • Restoring the world with prairie dogs and beavers.
  • Protecting the oceans from wind turbines.
  • Fighting patriarchy’s endgame.
  • Becoming the leaders the earth needs us to be.
  • Weaving old stories into the new story.
  • A special screening of Planet of the Humans and discussion with Jeff Gibbs.
  • Q & A with Derrick Jensen.
  • Open mic, campfire songs, and a hot tub.
  • And bears. Lots and lots of bears.

The conference starts Friday night and ends Monday morning. It takes place in a spacious private residence. Sleeping is dormitory style with only a few beds, so bring a mat/sleeping bag unless you need to request a bed. There are also motels, campgrounds, and vacation rentals nearby if you prefer privacy.

We have lots of good food and something for everyone. Everything is gluten-free, and you get your pick of vegan, vegetarian, omnivore, or carnivore meals.

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If you want to support this event, please consider making a Donation in either your name or a loved one’s honor. We have people who want to attend but need help.

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