Help Deep Green Resistance build a resistance movement save our planet.

Saving the planet means taking risks. And while not all of us can be on the front lines, we can all contribute.

Your generous, tax-deductible donation helps fund our education, outreach, legal work, and land-defense campaigns.

The mainstream environmental movement is funded by foundations that don’t want revolutionary change. That’s why we rely on donors like you to support our global grassroots activism.


Donate via PayPal

Or, Mail a Check To:

Deep Green Resistance
PO Box 903
Crescent City, CA 95531

We respectfully ask that you do not write checks to “DGR.” Thank you!

More Ways to Support Deep Green Resistance

Become a Monthly Donor

Our monthly donors are our most loyal donors. Material support is the lifeblood of any resistance movement, and monthly donations are especially important because they allow us to plan ahead and budget for the future. This minimizes our uncertainties and allows us to be bold in our work.

We accept monthly donations via PayPal or Givebutter (see the above links). Some people also send us checks every month. Monthly donors are the backbone of our organization.

To our monthly donors: THANK YOU!

Donate Stock

Through Stock Donator, you can now donate stocks, ETFs, and other securities to DGR.

Yes, the stock market is part of the economic system of investment and growth which is destroying the planet. Nonetheless, the stock market exists. We will use whatever tools we have to in order to advance our mission. Our automated system means any stock donations are automatically sold and the money is sent to DGR. If you want to donate stocks, you can do so at this link:

Some donors are interested to learn that by donating stock, they can avoid the capital gains tax they would have to pay on any increase in value of stock since being purchased. This is a good option for some, since they may have stock that’s appreciated in value over time, they aren’t using it for day-to-day expenses, and they are hesitant to redeem it because of a big tax bill. By making stock donations, you can help us further our mission while avoiding some taxes.

Why donate stock?

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, donations of stock profoundly advance DGR’s mission to save the planet.

In addition to making a lasting impact in the fight, stock donors enjoy tax benefits that they would not otherwise have if they cashed out their stock instead.

What is Stock Donator?

Stock Donator is a California corporation that helps nonprofit organizations and other charitable institutions to easily accept donations of stock online. Stock Donator is free for donors and even allows for repeat donations using the information saved to your account.

Is my gift of stock to DGR through Stock Donator tax deductible?

Yes. Stock Donator provides receipts with the value of your donation delivered to your mailbox as soon as it clears. You can make multiple donations without having to refill forms and Stock Donator keeps a history of all donations made for tax purposes and year-end tax returns.

How much of my donation does DGR receive?

Stock Donator charges a fee of 1.9% per transaction with a $15 minimum. Donors are not charged any fees.

How does Stock Donator work?

First, donors log on to and enter the following information:

  • The specific stock and number of shares
  • The receiving organization (Deep Green Resistance, Inc., EIN: 83-1753748)
  • Your brokerage information

Second, Stock Donator generates the required forms and initiates the stock transfer request. Optional: Brokerage firms that use Medallion Signatures (MS) as a means to validate the donation request will need to obtain a medallion signature on their stock transfer form.

Next, Stock Donator receives the stock donations from the Donor’s Brokerage Firm, then sells them. Stock Donator provides the stock proceeds net of any fees and service charges to the receiving organization, based on the organization’s preference to either liquidate immediately or transfer the stock.

To complete the process, Stock Donator provides the Donor with the transaction receipts needed to claim the tax deduction for the stock donations.

Anonymous Donations

There are several options for donating anonymously to DGR.

First, you can send us cash in the mail. Obviously there is some risk of theft, but some donors have chosen to take that risk in the past. You can also give us cash directly at a DGR event or gathering.

Second, we can accept gifts of Cryptocurrency. Depending on the type, this may or may not provide some level of anonymity. If you want to donate Crypto, please contact us to arrange the transfer.


Planned Giving and Bequests

As much as we wish this fight would be over soon, it won’t. Working to save the planet is a multi-generational struggle.

Making a planned gift to Deep Green Resistance through your will or living trust is both flexible and rewarding.

In your will or living trust, you can give a variety of assets, such as a specific sum of money or a percentage/residue of your estate. A simple directive in your will or living trust — called a charitable bequest — profoundly advances DGR’s mission.

Charitable bequests are straightforward to arrange, reduce your assets subject to taxation, and do not affect your current assets. Additionally, there are no immediate out-of-pocket costs to you or any disruption to your lifestyle.

Legal advice is essential when drafting or amending your will. As a reflection of your final wishes, your will should be carefully planned to accomplish what it is you desire. If you are interested in including Deep Green Resistance in your estate plans, we urge you to first seek the assistance of a personal legal and/or financial advisor to account for tax and estate planning consequences.

When meeting with your attorney or trusted advisor, you can provide the following information about DGR:

  • Legal Name: Deep Green Resistance, Inc.

  • Mailing Address: 2852 Willamette Street, #363, Eugene, OR, 97405

  • Tax Identification Number: 83-1753748

  • IRS Tax-Exempt Status: Nonprofit 501(c)(3)

  • IRS Public Charity Status: IRC Section 170(b)(1)(A)(vi)

  • DGR is qualified to receive tax-deductible bequests, devises, transfers, or gifts under Section 2055, 2106, or 2522.

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us any time. We look forward to hearing from you.