Deep Green Resistance Steering Committee

Saba Malik & Lierre Keith

The Deep Green Resistance Steering Committee helps the organization set policy and organize strategically for long-term, sustained success. The committee consists of an advisory board with three permanent members, and four to eight members elected by the general DGR membership.

Advisory Board

Derrick Jensen

Hailed as the philosopher poet of the environmental movement, Derrick Jensen is author of numerous books, including Endgame, What We Leave Behind, and A Language Older Than Words.

Lierre Keith

Lierre is a writer, small-scale farmer, and radical feminist activist. She is the author of two novels, as well as The Vegetarian Myth: Food, Justice, and Sustainability. She's been arrested six times. She lives in northern California.

Saba Malik

Saba is a lifelong political activist. She studies herbal medicine and loves to spend time in the forest with her children. She identifies as a radical feminist and is passionately committed to organized political resistance.

Elected Members

Adam Herriott

Security Director

Bristol, England

Originally from London, I've studied energy policy and worked for GLOBE International, a parliamentary, environmental organisation. I've been involved in Transition initiatives and lived in an intentional community. I have studied Permaculture and have a particular interest in People Care and Non-Violent Communication. I'm the Deep Green Resistance UK coordinator. Recently I've been involved in the UK anti fracking movement, local anti biomass and road building campaigns. I work in the fruit/veg sector.

Fred Gibson

Strategic Director

Occupied Ute, Arapaho, Ute and Cheyenne territories, known as Colorado

As a former member of the military and business worlds, I'm dedicated to atoning for my misspent youth. Derrick’s and Lierre’s writings, and conversations with DGR members showed me a worldview that finally made sense, and spoke for life. I joined DGR to work with passionate activists to advocate for a living world.

I’m an organizational psychologist, and currently, I’m focusing on helping to develop capacity, confidence, and continuity in DGR however I’m able.

Susan Hyatt

Finance Director

Occupied Tohono O'odham territory, known as Tucson (Chukson), Arizona

I previously worked as a project manager at a hazardous waste incinerator and later owned a landscaping company focused on native Sonoran Desert plants. I identify as a radical feminist, and am writing a series of essays on mental health as well as working on land restoration projects in the Southwest US where I currently live.

Read my essays at the Deep Green Resistance News Service.

Stella Strega

Membership Co-Director

Canary Islands

I am a 50 year old Italian living in Spain. I was a scientist, youthworker   artist, then social activist, community organizer   counselor long before I discovered permaculture in 1992. I then focused on coordinating community permaculture projects, first in the UK and then in Spain, where I set up the Integral Permaculture Academy (now international) and the 8thLife ecovillage project.

Norris Thomlinson

Web Director

Occupied Hawai'i Island, Kapoho

Originally from Virginia, my experiences with political campaigns in Portland Oregon convinced me that the interlocking systems of corporate, governmental, financial, and media control will not allow the reforms necessary to head off environmental catastrophe. I turned to Permaculture and personal lifestyle changes to prepare for collapse and to inspire others to change. The results, though personally satisfying, convinced me a voluntary grassroots shift to a sane and sustainable way of living is highly improbable in a meaningful timeframe.

I moved in 2012 to live offgrid in a Hawai'i jungle, expanding my knowledge of food forests to include tropical species. Secure in my ability to subsist on local foods, I joined DGR to work on aboveground aspects of Decisive Ecological Warfare.

A recovering computer geek turned plant geek, I've reimmersed myself in tech to organize and support DGR's digital infrastructure. I also coordinate Deep Green Resistance Hawai'i. Read more about me at Permaculture, Polycultures, and Resistance.

Max Wilbert

Administrative Co-Director

Occupied Duwamish Territory, known as Seattle, Washington

I can't speak of myself without first speaking of my family. I was born to a father who fought the Vietnam War and a mother who grew up in the Civil Rights movement of 1960's Seattle. I'm truly blessed to have grown up in a supportive and loving family that nurtured creative thinking and revolutionary spirit in me from a young age.

My activist work began with anti-racist and anti-war organizing in Seattle. Since then, I have focused on solidarity with indigenous communities fighting extraction projects, as well as on movement-building. While living in Salt Lake City, I founded Deep Green Resistance Great Basin, and I now organize with Deep Green Resistance Seattle. My primary allegiance is to the stones, the rivers, the wind, the forest, and all good-hearted beings we share this world with.

Jose Zamora

Membership Co-Director

Canary Islands

I am a Cuban 23 year old who emigrated to the Canary Islands at age 6. I was raised by his revolutionary militant grandmother, a spiritual healer who instilled into me the values of the Cuban revolution for which she fought. I have a degree in Informatic Systems Engineering, lead the holistic grazing project at the 8thLife ecovillage in the Canary Islands, and work with the Integral Permaculture Academy.

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