Deep Green Resistance Bylaws

The bylaws lay out the Deep Green Resistance organizational structure. Download the full bylaws (docx), or read this summary:


DGR is formed with the goal of advancing the aboveground strategies laid out in the book Deep Green Resistance: Strategy to Save the Planet, including, but not limited to:

  1. Building a culture of resistance against industrial civilization;
  2. Normalizing the idea of underground resistance; and
  3. Engaging in aboveground political struggles.

DGR members follow our Statement of Principles and Code of Conduct.

Steering Committee

The DGR Steering Committee helps the organization set policy and organize strategically for long-term, sustained success. The committee consists of an advisory board with three permanent members, and six members elected each year by the general DGR membership.

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Administrative Committee

The Administrative Committee members are appointed by the Steering Committee to perform the basic functions that keep DGR running. Positions include Chapter Coordinator, Conflict Resolution team, Email Coordinator, Forum Coordinator, Literature Coordinator, Member Action Proposals Coordinator, Membership Coordinator, Secretary, Security Coordinator, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Volunteer Coordinator, Webmaster.


Prospective members must agree to abide by the Statemont of Principles and Code of Conduct, be approved by the Personnel Committee, and commit to paying regular dues and/or submitting periodic Member Action Proposals for planned projects. Once accepted into DGR, members gain access to tools for internal communication, may vote for the elected positions of the Steering Committee, and may request funds for projects.


The basic unit of local DGR organization is the chapter. Most of the day-to-day decisions about DGR’s local activities are made within chapters. Therefore, DGR places great importance on chapter organizing. DGR members benefit from forming or joining DGR chapters by gaining a community of like-minded individuals and a formal vehicle with which to do activism locally.

Chapters should meet locally at least once a month, and consider creating administrative roles, such as coordinator, membership coordinator, contact coordinator, treasurer, and literature coordinator.


DGR holds monthly general conference calls, an annual member conference, and encourages regional and local gatherings and meetings.


DGR provides spaces for marginalized classes to wield collective power and organize privately through caucuses. Caucuses are accessible only to those who belong to the group for which it was created.

Conflict Resolution

The three-member Conflict Resolution Committee facilitates timely, supportive, and positive resolution of conflicts for members of DGR with the goal of maintaining organizational effectiveness despite differences in personality or opinion. This policy provides members an avenue to address and resolve interpersonal conflicts, grievances, and complaints.


The Fundraising Committee gathers donations, which are distributed quarterly by the Treasurer in response to Member Action Proposals. Funding decisions are based on DGR's strategic mission and action priorities.

FaLang translation system by Faboba

"DGR - это наша последняя, наилучшая надежда."
-Dillon Thomson

”Мы присягаем реальному миру, реальным людям и реальным лесам. И мы будем бороться чтобы защитить их.”
-Max Wilbert

“Всякого рода добыча ресурсов - это акт доминирования и контроля, это заявление, будто созданный нами для нас же образ жизни— глянцевый, скоростной, пластиковый — важнее самой жизни.”
-Sam Leah

“Мне нравится распознавать все те способы, которыми первозданность природы, какой бы цивилизованной она ни была в конкретном месте, постоянно работает изо всех сил. Мне нравится думать о том, как цивилизация отступает при том как первозданность природы разъедает ее.”
-Dillon Thomson

"Я не считаю насилием защиту того, что любишь."
-Saba Malik

“DGR understands that resistance is not a monoculture and that everyone and every kind of action is needed.“
-Sam Leah

“Самая неотложная проблема, с которой столкнулся наш мир - это железный сапог цивилизации давящий на шею людского и других сообществ.”
-Max Wilbert

”Если тебе страшно или ты запутался, ты мертв. Вернись к живым, присоединись к сопротивлению.”
-Jennifer Murnan

“Я люблю землю, на которой живу, где плотный туман плывет между деревьями и камни и капельки дождя капают со мха и текут по склонам гор.”
-Max Wilbert

”Для поддержки и продолжения сопротивления нам нужны самые разные люди для самой разнообразной деятельности.”
-Sam Leah

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