Deep Green Resistance Steering Committee

Saba Malik & Lierre Keith

The Deep Green Resistance Steering Committee helps the organization set policy and organize strategically for long-term, sustained success. The committee consists of an advisory board with three permanent members, and four to eight members elected by the general DGR membership.

Advisory Board

Derrick Jensen

Hailed as the philosopher poet of the environmental movement, Derrick Jensen is author of numerous books, including Endgame, What We Leave Behind, and A Language Older Than Words.

Lierre Keith

Lierre is a writer, small-scale farmer, and radical feminist activist. She is the author of two novels, as well as The Vegetarian Myth: Food, Justice, and Sustainability. She's been arrested six times. She lives in northern California.

Saba Malik

Saba is a lifelong political activist. She studies herbal medicine and loves to spend time in the forest with her children. She identifies as a radical feminist and is passionately committed to organized political resistance.

Elected Members

William Falk

Occupied Northern Ute Territory, known as Park City, Utah

I am a writer, lawyer, and environmental activist. The natural world is speaking and my work is my way of listening. I believe the ongoing destruction of the natural world is the most pressing issue confronting us today. For me, writing is a tool to be used in resistance.

I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison Law School and practiced as a public defender in Kenosha, WI. I left the public defender office to pursue frontline environmental activism. So far, activism has taken me to the Unist’ot’en Camp – an indigenous cultural center and pipeline blockade on unceded Wet’suwet’en territory in so-called British Columbia, Canada, to a construction blockade on Mauna Kea in Hawai’i, and to endangered pinyon-juniper forests in the Great Basin.

My writing has been published by the San Diego Free Press, CounterPunch, Earth Island Journal, and Deep Green Resistance News Service among others.

Fred Gibson

Strategic Director

Occupied Ute, Arapaho, Ute and Cheyenne territories, known as Colorado

As a former member of the military and business worlds, I'm dedicated to atoning for my misspent youth. Derrick’s and Lierre’s writings, and conversations with DGR members showed me a worldview that finally made sense, and spoke for life. I joined DGR to work with passionate activists to advocate for a living world.

I’m an organizational psychologist, and currently, I’m focusing on helping to develop capacity, confidence, and continuity in DGR however I’m able.

Nikos Pelasgos

Occupied Chumash Land, known as Santa Barbara, California

I studied Film and Television at the University of Southern California, but left Hollywood to explore life. A few years later I was inspired to join the Occupy Wall Street movement in New York. That experience changed everything for me.

After an intense period of politicization, I came across some DGR members at a conference and subsequently read the book. The Occupy Movement had left me politically awakened but confused and frustrated. The analysis in the book powerfully grounded me into a new understanding and approach to resistance. The more I grow and learn the more grateful I am for this book and this community.

I intend to contribute music and films to the culture of resistance that we are in the process of developing.

Joanna Pinkiewicz

Occupied land of the Palawa, known as Tasmania, Australia

I’m a Polish born 41 year old living in Tasmania, Australia. The island has progressively affected my being and as my connection to place and spirit grew, so has my political and environmental awareness and work.

I have gained experience in Direct Action against mining and forestry practices (Code Green, Bob Brown Foundation). I’m a member of Disarm, an anti-militarization activist group.

As a radical feminist, I work on creating stronger networks for radical feminist organisations who actively work to end prostitution, porn and violence against women (WoLF Tasmania, NORMAC, Untameable Shrews)

I’m a visual artist who sees art as a spiritual practice as well as political tool.

Max Wilbert

Administrative Co-Director

Occupied Kalapuya Territory, known as Eugene, Oregon

I can't speak of myself without first speaking of my family. I was born to a father who fought the Vietnam War and a mother who grew up in the Civil Rights movement of 1960's Seattle. I'm truly blessed to have grown up in a supportive and loving family that nurtured creative thinking and revolutionary spirit in me from a young age.

My activist work began with anti-racist and anti-war organizing in Seattle. Since then, I have focused on solidarity with indigenous communities fighting extraction projects, as well as on movement-building. While living in Salt Lake City, I founded Deep Green Resistance Great Basin, and I now organize with Deep Green Resistance Eugene. My primary allegiance is to the stones, the rivers, the wind, the forest, and all good-hearted beings we share this world with.

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“Seul le pouvoir peut faire appliquer l'implémentation et l'adoption d'une politique donnée. Le pouvoir et la pression ne découlent pas des masses, telles quelles. Le pouvoir est le principe actif des masses organisées seulement, unies vers un objectif défini.” ―A. Philip Randolph