Deep Green Resistance Committees

Culture Committee

The Culture Committee is a place for artists, writers, musicians, designers, and other creative people to organize and support resistance.

Direct Democracy Committee

The Direct Democracy Committee works to promote community self-determination and to shift institutional power.

Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee exists because material support is the lifeblood of a resistance movement. As long as we are stuck in this brutal capitalist civilization, we need to eat, put clothes on our back, travel from place to place to promote DGR and support direct actions, purchase materials, and pay for legal costs.

International Committee

The International Committee coordinates outreach, language translations, and solidarity across nation-state boundaries.

Media Committee

The Media Committee focuses on building awareness of DGR analysis, strategy, and goals; on building morale within DGR by reflecting back a vibrant, growing movement; on propaganda and outreach; on training for media relations and public speaking; and on building a comprehensive and robust communications network.

Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee works to recruit, screen, train, and involve DGR members.

Post Civilization Committee

The Post Civilization Committee works to help communities regain self sufficiency and balance with the land by promoting and sharing knowledge about traditional ways of life and by engaging in outreach and action in line with these traditional principles.

Prisoner Support Committee

The P.O.W. Support Group exists to make connections and show solidarity with people who have been imprisoned for actively fighting back against oppression, to bring awareness to the fact that there's a war going on and that it's not just one sided, to normalize militant resistance by telling the stories of past resistance movements and highlighting current actions, and to increase people's will to resist by creating networks of support for resisters who are taken by the enemy.

Security and Legal Committee

The Security and Legal Committee exists to inform the organization on legal issues, promote understanding and use of security culture, encourage proper electronic safety, and help protect the organization from physical threats of violence.

Strategic Action Committee

The Strategic Action Committee organizes, coordinates, and provides consultation for political action.

Underground Promotion Committee

The Underground Promotion Committee works to highlight the necessity of organized underground action and promote underground strategy.

FaLang translation system by Faboba

”Our allegiance lies with the real world, with real human beings and real forests, and we will fight to protect them.”
-Max Wilbert

“The most pressing problem facing the world is the iron heel of civilization on the neck of human and non-human communities.”
-Max Wilbert

”We need people from all walks of life doing all kinds of things to support this movement and perpetuate the mentality and actions of resistance.”
-Sam Leah

"I don't think it is violence to defend that which you love."
-Saba Malik

“Every kind of resource extraction is an act of domination and control and is a statement that says the way of life we have created for ourselves—the shiny, fast moving, plastic way of life—is more important than life itself.“
-Sam Leah

“I love the land where I live, where thick mists drift between trees and rocks and rain drips from moss and flows down mountainsides.”
-Max Wilbert

”Gender is the chain and patriarchy is the ball cuffed to the ankle of every female child born into this world, a world where every mainstream institution and structure of power is set up to preserve male dominance.”
-Rachel Ivey

"DGR is our last, best hope."
-Dillon Thomson

”Oppression is always tied to material exploitation. This is as true for the war on women as it is for the war on the living planet. We need to recognize that the degradation of females is fundamentally intertwined with the degradation of Earth, and we need organized, political resistance to both.”
-Rachel Ivey

”Some things are obvious – we need food, water, and air, and we need them without poison, thank you very much. The fundamental illogic and insanity of our current system, the need to dismantle it without delay – when food, water, and air are our priorities, these facts become obvious too.”
-Rachel Ivey

”If you are terrorized or mesmerized, you are not alive. Rejoin the living, join the resistance.”
-Jennifer Murnan

“I love recognizing the ways in which wildness, no matter how thoroughly civilized a place may be, is constantly working and toiling. I love thinking about civilization falling away as that wild force eats through it.”
-Dillon Thomson

“DGR understands that resistance is not a monoculture and that everyone and every kind of action is needed.“
-Sam Leah

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