...So think "resistance" with all your aching heart, a word that must become our promise to what is left of this planet. Gather the others: you already know them. The brave, smart, militant, and, most of all, serious, and together take aim. Do it carefully, but do it.

Then fire for all you're worth.
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“My planet is being murdered and I've got three questions: What is that murder made of? Who is in charge? How do we stop them?” ―Lierre Keith

Wed, Jan 28 2015
Achuar seize 14 oil wells in Peru, demanding compensation for exploitation

By teleSUR Indigenous communities in Peru occupied 14 oil wells, paralyzing South American energy firm Pluspetrol’s production, in a protest to demand better compensation for the use of their land. Some 380 members of the Achuar community took [...]

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Tue, Jan 27 2015
The ‘Nation’s Biggest Mall’ Slated to Kill One of the Largest Prairie Dog Colonies on Colorado’s Front Range

By Deanna Meyer / Deep Green Resistance Colorado Recently I heard the news that our county was getting one of the nation’s biggest malls. The news simultaneously sunk my heart and angered me. Why the hell do we need another mall? To consume the world? [...]

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Sat, Jan 24 2015
DGR Stands with the San Carlos Apaches in Protecting Oak Flat from Copper Mining

Image Credit: Ryan Martinez Lewis Deep Green Resistance (DGR) is dedicated to the fight against industrial civilization and its legacy of racism, patriarchy, and colonialism. For this reason, DGR would like to publicly state its support of the San Carlos [...]

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Mon, Jan 19 2015
Robert Jensen: Feminism Unheeded

By Robert Jensen / Nation of Change For the past year, the media have been full of discussions of the endemic sexual violence in the contemporary United States, while at the same time pop culture has been celebrating the new visibility of the transgender [...]

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Sun, Jan 18 2015
Michael Carter: How to Stop Off Road Vehicles, Part 2

By Michael Carter / Deep Green Resistance Colorado Plateau You can read Part 1 of this series here: http://dgrnewsservice.org/2015/01/07/michael-carter-stop-off-road-vehicles-part-1/ Law enforcement has been so ineffective in preventing illegal ORV use [...]

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Fri, Jan 16 2015
Waorani warriors attack, shut down oilfield in Ecuador

By Mongabay Indigenous leaders are calling for the release of six tribesmen implicated in a raid on an oilfield in Eastern Ecuador that left six soldiers injured, reports Andina and El Comercio. According to Ecuador’s defense ministry, on January [...]

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Thu, Jan 08 2015
Study finds agriculture and deforestation accelerate soil erosion 100 times faster

By Joshua E. Brown / University of Vermont A new study shows that removing native forest and starting intensive agriculture can accelerate erosion so dramatically that in a few decades as much soil is lost as would naturally occur over thousands of years. [...]

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Wed, Jan 07 2015
Michael Carter: How to Stop Off Road Vehicles, Part 1

By Michael Carter / Deep Green Resistance Colorado Plateau Imagine a time when you never once worried about losing your home or your means of making a living. Imagine your community used to be prosperous and well-run, providing everything you needed. You [...]

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Sun, Dec 21 2014
Consuming Hawaiʻi: Anne Keala Kelly on the Appropriation of Hawaiian Culture

By Owen Lloyd / Deep Green Resistance News Service Recently,‭ ‬the school where my wife works decided to host‭ “‬luau‭” ‬events throughout the state I live.‭ ‬When she contacted the school to tell them the events were cultural [...]

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Sun, Dec 14 2014
Industrial civilization forcing 41% of amphibians, 26% of mammals to extinction

By Robin McKie / The Observer A stark depiction of the threat hanging over the world’s mammals, reptiles, amphibians and other life forms has been published by the prestigious scientific journal, Nature. A special analysis carried out by the journal [...]

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