...So think "resistance" with all your aching heart, a word that must become our promise to what is left of this planet. Gather the others: you already know them. The brave, smart, militant, and, most of all, serious, and together take aim. Do it carefully, but do it.

Then fire for all you're worth.

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"The most pressing problem facing the world is the iron heel of civilization on the neck of human and non-human communities."
-Max Wilbert
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The Unis'tot'en Camp is a land-based, indigenous-led resistance community, strategically blocking construction of pipelines critical for extraction of tar sands and shale gas.
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“If we allowed ourselves to think in a way that really was thinking and to feel in a way that really was feeling, we would suddenly understand what we need to do in order to stop the horrors ― and we would start to do it.” ―Derrick Jensen

Wed, Jul 27 2016
Power and Direct Action: A Primer

By Will Falk / Deep Green Resistance This year’s Fourth of July week grew in horror as it passed. Each day brought new nightmares that struck me at a dizzying pace. By the end of the week, after I decided I was sick of weeping, I turned off the [...]

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Wed, Jul 20 2016
Federal Agents Went Undercover To Spy on Anti-Fracking Movement, Emails Reveal

Featured image: Break Free protesters at a fracking site in Colorado on May 14. (Photo: Christian O’Rourke/Survival Media Agency) By Steve Horn and Lee Fang / The Intercept When more than 300 protesters assembled in May at the Holiday Inn in [...]

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Tue, Jul 19 2016
17 percent of Colombian political killings environmental and indigenous activists

Featured image: Adelina Gómez Gaviria, an anti-mining activist in the Colombian department of Cauca, was killed in 2013. Photo courtesy of Movimiento Nacional de Víctimas de Crímenes de Estado. By Camilo Mejia Giraldo / Mongabay 534 political [...]

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Sat, Jul 16 2016
The Indigenous Struggle Against the Grand Canal of Nicaragua

By Intercontinental Cry The Southern Autonomous Region of Nicaragua is home to nine indigenous and afro-descendant communities represented by the Rama-Kriol Territorial Government. On May 3, 2016 Rama-Kriol Territorial President Hector Thomas signed an [...]

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Fri, Jul 15 2016
News Round-Up: DGR excerpt, Direct Action Spokane, Brexit, and Join the Resistance

DGR Seattle highlights the excitement and rewards of activism: Join the Resistance: Choose Adventure Direct Action Spokane is pursuing a CELDF-style initiative to ban transport of oil and coal through the city, while recognizing the rights of residents to [...]

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Tue, Jul 12 2016
Optimism and the Apocalypse

How our cognitive defence mechanisms are condemning us to death By Sebastien Carew-Reid / Deep Green Resistance Australia Most rational people with even a basic understanding of the scientific process will acknowledge that something is seriously wrong. [...]

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Sun, Jul 10 2016
Northern Nicaragua Coast Crisis

By Carlos Enrique Maibeth-Mortimer / Intercontinental Cry There is a crisis erupting in Nicaragua’s North Caribbean Autonomous Region that spans across all social and economic boundaries, affecting everything from human rights to ecosystem [...]

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Sat, Jul 09 2016
Brazil: Indians’ homes bulldozed, community evicted

Featured image: Guarani leader Damiana Cavanha after the eviction from Apy Ka’y.  © Aty Guasu By Survival International A video showing a tribal community’s homes being bulldozed, condemning families to live by the side of a major highway, has [...]

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Fri, Jul 08 2016
Decolonizing My Brown Body

By Terese Mailhot / Indian Country Today Media Network My auntie says there’s a direct connection between violence against the earth and violence against Indigenous women. I think of my own brown body when she says this, and how it was damaged in [...]

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Tue, Jul 05 2016
Investigating the Lake Turkana Wind Power Project

By Intercontinental Cry Lake Turkana Wind Power is the largest private investment in Kenya’s history. Danish and international companies and investors have already sunk millions of euros into the project. But they now await a court decision that [...]

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