...So think "resistance" with all your aching heart, a word that must become our promise to what is left of this planet. Gather the others: you already know them. The brave, smart, militant, and, most of all, serious, and together take aim. Do it carefully, but do it.

Then fire for all you're worth.

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“When justice comes and when injustices are remedied, they’re not remedied by the initiative of the national government or the politicians. They only respond to the power of social movements.” ―Howard Zinn

Thu, Oct 08 2015
What the hell does gender identity have to do with fracking?

On the blacklisting of eco-feminists By Tara Prema / Gender Is War It’s a plot filled with anonymous denunciations, secret meetings, betrayal, dissidents, blacklists and infiltrators. For those just tuning in, this shitshow is the latest infighting on [...]

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Wed, Oct 07 2015
Territories of Life: A Free Video Toolkit for Indigenous Peoples About Land and Rights

By Intercontinental Cry Territories of Life is a video toolkit with a purpose. It’s aim: to bring stories of resistance, resilience and hope to indigenous communities on the frontline of the global rush for land. Produced by our friends at [...]

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Thu, Oct 01 2015
DGR Activists Interrogated at US-Canada Border

Members of Deep Green Resistance denied entry to Canada on the way to a Chris Hedges’ lecture By Adam Federman / Earth Island Journal Three members of the radical environmental organization Deep Green Resistance and two other individuals were detained [...]

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Wed, Sep 30 2015
Re-learning the Land: A Story of Red Crow College

By Intercontinental Cry   RE-LEARNING THE LAND is the story of a Blackfoot community in southern Alberta, Canada, and how they have re-taken control of their education system within Red Crow Community College. The film traces the decolonization of [...]

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Tue, Sep 29 2015
“Pregnant Person” is the “All Lives Matter” of Reproductive Healthcare

by Jonah Mix, Deep Green Resistance Earlier this month, transgender activist Trevor MacDonald published two opinion pieces on the Huffington Post, each to attack the feminist organization Woman-Centered Midwifery. Woman-Centered Midwifery has earned the [...]

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Mon, Sep 28 2015
Sustainability is Destroying the Earth

by Kim Hill, Deep Green Resistance Australia Don’t talk to me about sustainability. You want to question my lifestyle, my impact, my ecological footprint? There is a monster standing over us, with a footprint so large it can trample a whole planet [...]

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Sun, Sep 27 2015
Why did the Australian aborigines never adopt agriculture?

by Kim Hill, Deep Green Resistance Australia Why did the Australian aborigines never develop agriculture? This question was posed in the process of designing an indigenous food garden, and I could hear the underlying assumptions of the enquirer in his [...]

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Sat, Sep 26 2015
Battleground BC: Phase Two of the Resistance

By Zoe Blunt, Vancouver Island Community Forest Action Network In every part of the province, industry is laying waste to huge areas of wilderness – unceded indigenous land – for mining, fracking, oil, and hydroelectric projects. This frenzy of [...]

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Tue, Sep 22 2015
Ahousaht Nation Makes Salmon Farm Pull Anchors

by Yaakswiis Warriors / Intercontinental Cry  Ahousaht, BC Canada – On Monday morning at daybreak Cermaq has said it will be pulling anchor on its new salmon farm north of Tofino, British Columbia. The Province of BC granted Cermaq licenses and [...]

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Fri, Sep 18 2015
Interviews with displaced members of Colombia’s Wounaan Peoples

By Robin Llewellyn / Intercontinental Cry Children of the Wounaan People easily find diversion in the abandoned basketball stadium of Buenaventura, the largest city on Colombia’s Pacific coast. Some chase pigeons that try to settle around the highest [...]

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